This Laser Engraving Photo Software prepares your photos with the click of a button for high quality laser engraving on any material. It also can create Boxes, Birdhouses and Connected Text.

Green Screen Software

Looking for G-Code, GRBL laser support?
As of version 11 Laser Photo Wizard now has direct support for GRBL Lasers.

Laser Engraving Photos
Laser Photo Wizard Pro solves many of the issues that plague photo engraving. The product has 5 conversion systems to accommodate the quality of the laser and the type of material being engraved.

One of the 5 methods Colby dithering uses the artificial intelligence technique, simulated annealing. Not only does this give great results, it also provides the ability to compensate for dot overlap that can distort images. The Colby Annealing algorithm can thin the dots but still place them in an optimum position.

Colby Dot migration combines Floyd-Steinberg with some of the features of Colby Dithering. It starts with Floyd-Steinberg but then it moves some of the dots to improve contrast.

When engraving, especial on wood, image contrast can be lost. Special algorithms have been added to increase contrast.

The program also supports overlays, extensive text, decorative frames and cutting frames. It also can add small images to the main image that can be added as an image or vectors. An Editor is supplied to make small changes to the output.

Laser Photo Wizard supports generators that can create boxes, trays, birdhouses and connected text.

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Laser Engraving Photo Software

Not all engraving materials react linearly with laser power. This means that under a certain power the material is not marked, above this power becomes black without the possibility of shades. To get gray scale in this case dots are arranged is various patterns to simulate gray scale. Laser Photo Wizard uses various dithering tools. It also can increase the contrast of the image for better engraving.

Laser Photo Wizard can also turn a gray scale image into a sketch. This will make image fully black and white with no gray.

The main purpose of Laser Photo Wizard is to give you a toolbox of options to prepare your photo for the best output on any given material.

The created image can be sent to any laser engraver that has a print driver. If your laser does not have a print driver the image can be saved as a image file (.bmp, .jpg) or as a metafile that contains vector and bitmap information (.emf , .svg)

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Sample Dithered Output
Laser Engraving Photo Laser Engraving Photo

Sample Sketch Output
Laser Engraving Photo Laser Engraving Photo

3D Gray Engraving
Some of the newer lasers support 3D engraving. This mode changes the power of the laser depending on the gray scale of the image. While 3D depth maps are the best for this job they are hard to make. Laser Photo Wizard 5 assigns a gray scale value to the dithered image to create a 3D look.

Laser Engraving Photo Eagle

3D Gray is not true 3D. What it does is it raises the image off the background then engraves the raised area. To do this the image needs to be a png file with a transparent background. These files can easily be made by Photoshop and other image editing software. You can also use Green Screen Wizard to create a transparent background for any image shot on a green screen.
Simply changing your text to white and will create raised letters on the final image.

Click here to for a step by step guide to 3D Gray.

Image Inversion and Mirroring

The system can also invert the photo, meaning that the black and white will be reversed. On stone and Plexiglas the laser makes a white mark. This would cause a negative image to be created. Turning on the inversion corrects this problem.
When engraving Plexiglas you may want to engrave on the back of the plastic. This would cause a mirror image to be formed. This is fixed by turning on mirroring.

Actual Colby-Sketch Output on Plexiglas:
Laser Engraving Photo

Add Text and Images
The system has an advanced text feature that lets you place text of any color and font anyplace on the output. Text can be output as bitmap text or vector text.

Actual output with text:
Laser Engraving Photo Laser Engraving Photo

Cutout Images
When loading an image, you can choose to have the system trace it and output it as vectors. The vectors can highlight or cut the image out depending on your engraver settings.

In this example the black silhouette was imported as an image and converted to cutting vectors to create this beautiful Christmas ointment:
Laser Engraving Photo Laser Engraving Photo

Laser Input Generators

Generators are programs that create images that can be vectorized to cut out parts. The Box generator cuts out parts for a box or serving tray. The Birdhouse generator cuts out parts for a bird house. The Connected Text creates text where all the letters are connected. Future generators may include wood mirrors, wooden toys or user requests.

Box Generator
While the focus of laser photo wizard is to be the world�s best photo engraving software, it is recognized that many of our uses are engraving these photographs to give as gifts or sell at shows. Most lasers are powerful enough to cut thin wood so what better way to show off your engraving but at the top of a box or the image of serving tray. The box generator can create a top and the bottom of a box or it can create a cube that is cut with a saw into 2 parts. The boxes can be any dimensions and there are several setting for the kind and number of cuts on the sides. The box generator can also create trays with handles.
Click here for more information about the Box Generator.

Some Examples
Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

Birdhouse Generator
The Box Generator proved to be a very useful and fun option. It was decided to add other generators. The first one was a birdhouse generator. This generator can create 3 different kinds of birdhouses, Traditional, Flat Roof and Tapered Bottom.

Click here for more information about the Birdhouse Generator.

TraditionalFlat RoofTapered Bottom
Laser Photo Wizard Birdhouse Generator Laser Photo Wizard Birdhouse Generator Laser Photo Wizard Birdhouse Generator

Connected Generator
People love seeing fancy text, especially their own name. This feature makes it easy to make dramatic text signs. The connected text options is just what it sounds like, this generator will create text that is connect to a base or connected to itself. You can select the font and the size and other options. This generator will create an output image to be engraved and a black image that can be vectorized for cutting the image out. The basic styles that can be created are:

Click here for more information about the Connected Text Generator.

Some Examples
Laser Photo Wizard Connected Text Generator Laser Photo Wizard Connected Text Generator Laser Photo Wizard Connected Text Generator Laser Photo Wizard Connected Text Generator

Laser Photo Wizard Pro

o Conversion methods Sketch, Floyd-Steinberg ,Colby Dithering, Dot Moving, Colby+Sketch.
o 3D Gray engraving
o Vector Cutouts
o Box Generator
o Birdhouse Generator
o Connected Text Generator
o Dialogs for Color Balance, Rotation and Scaling are provided.
o With the Full version you can add simple labels.
o Overlays, png files with transparent area can be use to frame the image.
o A robust system for adding text and additional images to your project.
o Skin Smoothing software make for better portrait output.
o Square, oval, and heart shaped frames can be added
o Lighting effects can be used the enhance the image
o A built in editor will let you clean up images especially in sketch mode.

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Buy it now, for only $149.95 you will receive a license that can be used for 4 Windows computers