Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

While the focus of laser photo wizard is to be the worlds best photo engraving software, it is recognized that many of our uses are engraving these photographs to give as gifts or sell at shows. Most lasers are powerful enough to cut thin wood so what better way to show off your engraving but at the top of a box or the image of serving tray. The box generator can create a top and the bottom of a box or it can create a cube that is cut with a saw into 2 parts. The boxes can be any dimensions and there are several setting for the kind and number of cuts on the sides. The box generator can also create trays with handles.

How to Use the Box Generator

Step 1

Click on the Box Gen icon

Step 2

Select the kind of box you want and the dimensions from the Box Generator.
Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

Step 3

Click the Create Box Files button. That will generate the box files and show you a not to scale image of the Top, Bottom, Side and Front.

Here are the box files generated:
Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator Files
The generator creates a image for each item of the box, including gluing strips and dividers.
Even if for example you have an box with no top, the top file will be created. Just do not import files you do not need.

Step 4

Import the files into the Wizard using the load image dialog, To open the dialog, click on the effects icon, then select the text/image tab. Clicking add image will bring up the load image dialog.
Laser Photo Wizard Add Text

Step 5

The Load Image Dialog
Laser Photo Wizard Add Image

Step 6

Load a file from the box generator. The files are located at: Documents/Green Screen Wizard/BoxOutput/YouName where your name is the name you gave your box in the box dialog. Once loaded select vectors.
Laser Photo Wizard image loaded

Step 7

It takes some time to draw, but the final image will show as purple lines. You can then save or print the final image.

Dialog Details
Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

Check Boxes
Top Attached - Adds a top
Indented Top - Adds a top the is down 1/4 inch
Bottom Attached - Adds a bottom
Bottom Indented - Adds a bottom that is up 1/4 inch

Attach Side Only - Will not cut connections on the front and back,
                             it will relie on glue to hold the top and bottom in place.
Three Connectors - Will only use 3 connectors on each joint.
Add Side Handle - Used to add a handle to trays.
Bottom Cutout - Will cutout out an oval section of the bottom

Dimensions and Thickness
Height, Width and Depth in inches
Thickness is the thickness of the material, so 1/4 inch material is .25, 1/8 material is .125
Most of the time the box is made from the same material but sometimes you want a thinner top for example if the top is Plexiglas. The gap size is how wide the connector is. If you make it the same size as the depth, then the connector will be perfectly square. You need an even number of gaps so the software will adjust dimensions to make the gap you asked for. If you want an exact size box, then unclick the adjust box dimensions checkbox.

The inside box check box is for a special case where you want an inner box that has all the connections and an outer box that only has corner connections. Here is a video that explains the concept :

Box Dividers
The Box Generator always creates box dividers. You specify how many across and deep. You also specify the height your want and the thickness of the material. The exact divider dimensions will be computed from the size of the box. Most of the time these are not used.

Glue Strips
If you need extra support inside a box, glue strips are always generated. They are seldome used.

Some Examples

Simple Cube with 1/2 inch connectors
Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

Music Box with Bottom Cutout 1/4 inch connectors, inside box with an outside box hiding the top and bottom connectors
Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

3 Connector box with top engraved
Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

Engraved tray with the handle option
Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator

Laser Photo Wizard Box Generator